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Mileage booster, NeutraGear  


       Ordinary sprocket     

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NeutraGear for scooter

Ordinary gear for scooter

About Us


 We are an Innovative Autoparts Manufacturing Company.

We have invented a rear chain sprocket which can be easily fitted in any motorcycle, whether new or old and its manufacturing costs approx. Rs. 100 more than an ordinary one.

We are making it for a gearless scooter also.

In Indore also we have hundreds of happy customers now. We are selling this product as NeutraGear.

The NeutraGear disengages the engine from the drive wheel whenever the accelerator lever is brought down in a moving motorcycle, the vehicle can continue to roll using its inertia.

As the accelerator is increased the NeutraGear re-engages the rear wheel to the engine.

By NeutraGear, we can easily convert any vehicle into a hybrid vehicle. We don’t need a power control unit and power split unit anymore. To convert a vehicle into a hybrid vehicle, we need only four parts: - 1) NeutraGear, 2)Hub motor, 3) Controller 4) Battery pack and 5) one three-way switch (one for engine power, second for hybrid motor and engine and third for a motor.) By this, we can almost double the acceleration and mileage.

Its benefits are:-

  • It increase the mileage of the vehicle up to 20 % in cities

  • It increases the engine, oil and transmission life.

  • It also makes ride easy and smooth because rider mostly don’t need to use clutch to shift gear.

  • It also reduces pollution made by vehicles.

  • It is very useful in hybrid vehicles as it replaces power split unit and power control unit.

  • It can be easily planted and removed.

Mileage testing report

Principle of NeutraGear,

In our observation, we noticed that in city’s drive/ride many a times driver/rider does not need engine’s power. So driver/rider reduces fuel supply by throttle. When fuel supply is reduced, I.C. engine starts friction to stop the vehicle. This harms mileage and puts unnecessary load on engine and transmission. To solve this problem, we fit a one-way clutch/freewheel In between engine and the drive wheel. Which mainly have two plates: first one is connected to the engine side and another one is connected to the drive wheel’s side which allows engine’s side plate to stop or slow down without disturbing drive wheel’s side plates. This disengages drive wheel from engine, after that engine does not produces friction to stop the vehicle. This phenomenon increases mileage and engine, oil and transmission life and when engine’s side plate stops or on less RPM then drive wheel side plate driver/rider can shift gear without using clutch.

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