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Mileage booster, NeutraGear  

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Mileage Booster, NeutraGear

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We are an innovative autoparts manufacturing company based in Indore, India. Our passion for two-wheelers has led us to create cutting-edge solutions that enhance their performance and efficiency.

Our flagship product, the NeutraGear, is a rear chain sprocket that can be easily installed in any vehicle, new or old.


At our manufacturing facility in Indore, we have hundreds of satisfied customers who swear by the NeutraGear's unmatched performance and reliability.


Our mission is to continue to innovate and develop products that help motorcycle and scooter owners achieve peak performance and efficiency.



Increases mileage up to 20% in cities


Makes ride easy and smooth


Improves engine, oil, and transmission life


Can be easily installed and removed


Reduces pollution made by vehicles.


Replaces power split and control units in hybrids.


At NeutraGear, we observed that during city driving, the driver often doesn't need the engine's power and reduces fuel supply by throttling. This causes the engine to create friction and slow down the vehicle, which harms the mileage and puts unnecessary load on the engine and transmission.


To solve this problem, we have developed a one-way clutch/freewheel that sits between the engine and drive wheel. The clutch has two plates, with one connected to the engine side and the other to the drive wheel side. This design allows the engine's side plate to stop or slow down without affecting the drive wheel's side plate, disengaging the drive wheel from the engine.

By doing so, the engine no longer produces friction to stop the vehicle, resulting in increased mileage and improved engine, oil, and transmission life. Additionally, when the engine's side plate stops or is on less RPM, the driver can shift gears without using the clutch.

With NeutraGear, you can improve your vehicle's performance, save on fuel costs, and reduce the wear and tear on your engine and transmission, making your ride smoother and more efficient.

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Badwani Plaza, Old Palasia, Indore(M.P.)

+91 942-540-6759

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