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Growth potential

We have high growth potential because we have two types of markets; first is Primary markets from OEM and second is an after-sales market. Indian and international two-wheelers market is very huge and petrol's pricing is increasing, to add more revenue after Two-wheelers this Technology can easily be implemented in three and four-wheelers and we are developing a hybrid kit also to make ordinary vehicles into hybrid vehicles. By this, we can almost double the acceleration and mileage, any mechanic can convert any vehicle into a hybrid vehicle with the help of our hybrid kit. So on.


We will charge Rs. 90 for job work and accessories of each rear chain’s sprocket and in that we have Rs 20 as our net profit.    

Target for second year

We will make 5 thousand units (chain sprocket and scooter gear) per day which equals to 1.25 lac per month. We will

Earn 25,00,000 per month and 3 crore per year

How to sell NeutraGear

We have approached OEMs and Accessories companies to sell this product. We can upgrade old vehicles and increase their mileage and engine life by Rs. 200. To sell it in market, we had implemented our Neutra Gear in our salesman's Two-wheeler for demo and started sales with Local Auto parts' dealers and garage.

We have patented new technology. Thus we can easily increase our price by Rs. 100 more for marketing, We give Rs. 50 coupon to mechanic and rest Rs. 50 for marketing and advertisements and customers cost our product Rs. 200 more than an ordinary one, but he pays back when he consumes Rs. 1000 petrol and after that the customer can save Rs. 200 on every consumption of Rs.1000 petrol up to 30,000 km

Special architecture requires

There is no need for special architecture required for our product, except for a few metal bending dies and a few assembling features and jigs and product testing machines, and most of them are already with us in our plant. 


We don't have any competitors because we have an innovative and patented product and only we have experience to purchase raw materials and manufacture this product. We are ready to do the job work for people who are currently manufacturing auto parts and OEM so that our future competitors are our potential customers.


Principle risk

In our business, Principle risks are very less because we already have worked on most of the risky factors, but advancement in battery technology might be a risk. So, we are working on hybrid vehicles. Our product is very suitable for hybrid vehicles.



MNC auto-part companies want our client base of two to three thousand. So, we have to launch our product in two or three cities, when we will achieve our target then they will launch our product on national level with their brand name. After that we will become their vendor and will focus on manufacturing and new product development.

Our product range is like that:

First: Rear chain sprocket for motorcycle.

Second: Main gear for scooter.

Third: Customised hub motor for hybrid vehicles.

Fourth: After that we will launch it for cars and three wheelers and their hub motors for hybrid conversion.

Hybrid vehicle

1) Any old vehicle can be converted into hybrid vehicle. It costs around 20 to 30 thousand according to battery pack. For two-wheelers

2) We need to take battery pack according to per day travel.

For ex- Home to office


3)Do not worry, We have two options.

4)Freedom of unlimited range

5) Costs very low to change small battery pack

Electric vehicle

1) For that, we have to buy new vehicle. It costs around 60 thousand to 1 lac. for two-wheelers

2) We have to buy battery pack according to maximum travel in a day.

For ex. We have to go out of town, for marriage, festivals or events.


3) Fear of running out of battery pack.

4) Bondage of limited range


5) It is very expensive to change such a huge battery

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